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The "Ivy Dream Class" is a brand item that SAIE is focusing on building, aiming at the in-depth cultivating of top students with excellent academic ability and development potential, to further strengthen their academic ability and improve their overall quality. The "Ivy Dream Class" is led by the former admission officer of Columbia University, collecting teachers from top universities at home and abroad and resources inside and outside the school to help more students get prepared for the Ivy League universities and other top universities in the world.

Enrollment information and requirements

Enrollment targets Grade 8 graduates-Grade 10 graduates SAIE students in reading and new students
Application qualification GPA: The average GPA at school is above 3.5; new students who cannot provide GPA need a transcript of above 85 points from the original school (if the average grade is not achieved, and only the GPA of this semester is above 3.5 or 85 points, his/her qualification will be considered accordingly)
Proof of English proficiency: TOEFL above 80 (new 9th graders)/above 85 (new 10th graders)/above 90 (new 11th graders). If there is no recent TOEFL scores, the equivalent English proficiency certificate or passing the Ivy Dream Class English test is also valid.
A recommendation letter from a teacher: SAIE students can be verbally recommended by a teacher; new students need to provide a recommendation letter from head teacher or any other teacher at the original school , both in Chinese and English version are acceptable.
Class size We will set up an Ivy Dream class,containing 5-10 students for each grade, and will start class in August 2021.
Curriculum setting Dual-homeroom teacher system (teaching + college counselor), advanced teaching of courses of high difficulty, such as AP courses + two-to-one university application planning and guidance.
Starting from entering the Ivy Dream class, each student will be selected and equipped with at least one scientific research or competition tutoring project each year + one In-depth charity volunteering activities.
The way of selection GPA and standardized test scores screening
Written examination(Maths+TOEFL simulation test+application essay writing)
Opening date August 23th 2021

Tuition fee:

Each semester students from the Ivy Dream class are supposed to pay 60,000 more yuan tuition on the basis of the original tuition fee. The fee is used for tutoring, background improvement and college application guidance.
Ivy Dream class tuition is collected by semester, That means, if students fail the Ivy Dream class selection in the new semester, they do not need to renew.

Registration and time arrangement:

Register voluntarily. Please contact your homeroom teacher to register by the morning of August 18th, 2021.

Time arrangement:

Registration will end by the morning of August 18th, 2021.
Written test on the afternoon of August 18th, 2021.
Interview and orientation from August 19th, 2021to August 20th, 2021.
SAIE announces the list of candidates for Ivy Dream Class and candidates start to pay the fee on the afternoon of August 20th, 2021.
The class begins and the payment ends August 20th, 2021.

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